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The Inner Circle is a private membership for beginner and intermediate property investors who want passive income — with Live group mentoring every 2 weeks, and Live educational training sessions.

You will have access to Sarah & George Choy, who have a multi-million property investing empire and became financially free when Sarah was only 39. This is an exclusive offer for our followers and subscribers.

Your commitment is only one month at a time (not annual).


- Virtual Live group Mentoring every 2 weeks
- Member spotlight (one person selected for a full mentoring session)
- Replay of mentoring sessions in the Inner Circle membership library


Exclusive training added to the Member's library each month covering everything from getting started in property, through to tax, company structures, raising money and advanced property deals in Buy-To-Let, Rent-To-Buy, Benefit Tenants, Commercial Property Investing, and Joint Ventures on Commercial Conversions. Most of these training sessions will be Live.


Get to know Inner Circle members - meet up for a chat or get an Accountability buddy


The aim of our Inner Circle membership is to give you the regular support you need to get started and keep building your property empire.

We keep the content ethical and filled with real-world practical application, not unicorns and rainbows.

We will be constantly improving the membership based on feedback to meet your needs.


Every week - we will upload a new piece of content to the Inner Circle member's library.

Most sessions will be held Live, such as: Inner Circle group mentoring session, or  educational training. These will be recorded and uploaded if you can't make it. Others will be recorded and uploaded, such as: a "Member Spotlight" 1:1 mentoring session, a property investing topic, or case study.

We will also be having guest speakers with Q&A.


1 month free trial and then £49 per month (founding member's special price). You can cancel your membership at any time. Your commitment is only one month at a time, not annual.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Why do I need to type in my payment Card number to start free trial?
This is standard for free trials - just look at Amazon Prime and Spotify. It is to ensure you get continuous access, should you wish to carry on your membership. You are welcome to cancel your membership anytime before your free trial ends.

Can I really try it for free?
Yes. If you notify us at least 2 working days before the end of the free trial, we can ensure your card is not billed and your membership and access is cancelled. We 100% Guarantee to cancel your membership within 2 working days of your request. Your payment card will not be billed for this membership thereafter. Only 1 free trial per person.

Am I signing up for a year?
No. Your commitment is only one month at a time, not annual. You can cancel at any time. There is no commitment. You can just do a single month.

Have I missed the start of the Free Trial?
You haven't missed out. Start any time, cancel any time.

Can I write-off this membership subscription as a business expense?
Yes. You should be able to write-off the cost of your membership subscription against your property business. You should also be able to back-date the cost, if you haven't set up your company yet. Speak with your Accountant.

When are the Live sessions?
Some content will be pre-recorded, however for the Live group Mentoring and Networking sessions, these will usually be on Wednesday lunchtime, between 12 - 1pm.

I don't use Facebook. Is that a problem?
The Live sessions will be on Zoom and then uploaded to our training platform, along with any pre-recorded videos. So it's no problem if you don't have a Facebook account.